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The Anaklusmos Awards
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Welcome to the Anaklusmos Awards!

Welcome to the Anaklusmos Awards, the first and only site designed specifically to acknowledge the best of Percy Jackson & the Olympians fanfiction. Nominations will be opening very soon both for individual genre and aspects as well as Best Overall.


  • Nomination Form
  • Judge/Staff Member Application
  • Nomination Requirements and Rules
  • List of Categories and Explanations
  • Acknowledgments, Credits, & Disclaimer
  • F.A.Q.
  • Come Before the Council
  • Litmus Test

    The fastest way to get in touch with a person of authority here at the Anaklusmos Awards is to use our Come Before the Council service. Help is one click away. You may also email the Anaklusmos Awards at anaklusmosawards@gmail.com.

    Community Notices

    Help Wanted:

    Fanfiction awards, like any other project in fandom, take a lot of work to remain successful and active. To that end, the Anaklusmos Awards can always use dedicated and willing help. Each person has his or her own individual talents—you don’t have to be good at everything to help. Are you a stickler for details? Do you make graphics? Are you good with CSS? Are you obsessive about grammar and spelling? Just about anything you can do to help would be welcomed and appreciated, so join us!

    • Nominations open May 22, 2008 tentatively. Nominations received prior to that date may or may not be counted.
    • There is a very great demand for judges and other staff members. This community can only get off the ground with dedicated fans' help!
    • Please note that in order to apply to be a staff member you must become a member first. Thanks!
    • crazy_singer is welcomed as our first judge accepted through application.
22nd-Mar-2009 11:26 pm - Change of Managment (sort of)
D/R: Happy smiles JE
This community has not yet bolstered a huge following yet, but I still am going to maintain some hope for the future and not give up on it considering the amount of effort I put into setting it up. That said, this is an important announcment for any users who happen across this community with interest during a period of transition.

I, the founder of this community, bohemianneko have decided that since I let my paid account subscription run out that I am going to try on a new livejournal for size. This means that from this point forward, unless I decide to make the move back tot his account, that while I am not removing this account from the administration of this community that from now on the primary maintainer of this community shall be clockwork_sky.

This is just another screenname that I made, but it will appear that another person is posting. I promise that I am still the same person, etc, etc, and I apologize for any confusion this causes!
20th-Jul-2008 06:30 pm - Announcement: Fanfiction.net C2
PJO: group and cerberus
The Anaklusmos Awards now have a C2 community on fanfiction.net. This should raise this community's profile a bit, but it is very important that any of you who hope to see this community prosper promote it.

The C2's url is as follows:

26th-May-2008 01:12 pm(no subject)
D/R: Happy smiles JE
The Percy Jackson & the Olympians Litmus Test

A Litmus Test, in fandom, is a quiz or checklist which allows you to police yourself when you write OCs (Original Characters). It is very easy, when one is making up his or her own character for a fanfiction, to make a character either very flat or to make a character "interesting" using attributes which are cliche.

Litmus Tests have a long history and have been used for various purposes. This one was tailor-made by bohemianneko to fit the Percy Jackson fandom, using the one found at Criminality as a template. If you have any ideas for other fandom-specific questions which would enhance the quest, please comment to this post or email them to anaklusmosawards@gmail.com.

The Percy Jackson and the Olympians Litmus Test

Organized/“Written” by: BohemianNeko (Livejournal)

Based upon the Original Litmus Test by Dr. Merlin and the Litmus Test available at Criminality (http://www.criminality.breakthepressure.com/)

Percy Jackson and the Olympians belongs to Rick Riordan.

The Percy Jackson fandom seems to be in its early days yet and seeing as many fanfiction writers (and fans in general) of the series are in middle school, I decided to try and compile a Litmus Test which would be relevant, easily accessible, and easy-to-use. A Litmus Test, fandom-ly speaking, is a way to measure whether or not your character is a “Mary Sue” or a “Gary Stu” or any other name you would like to attach to such characters. If you hope for this test to help you, you must answer the questions honestly. If you waver on whether or not the answer is “Yes,” then presume that the answer is yes. All characters have some element of Mary-Sue-ism, but it must remain within certain bounds in order for your story to be readable and believable in most cases. Mary Sues may be more forgivable in fandoms such as PJO because mythological stories often deal with archetypes, but please realize that archetypes are such a part of the human consciousness that characters who are simply textbook definitions of an archetype are like reading a story about air—it’s legitimate but not very interesting.

Please note that all fandoms are different, and therefore some of the questions will be modified from the original Litmus test and the test upon which this one was based. This is a tool, not an authority. Please keep careful track of the points your character accumulates and do not feel offended if your character “fails” the test. This does not necessarily mean that your character is not a good character, or that he or she will not fit into your story. It is simply something to help you think.

Again, please not that this test is based on point values, and you are aiming for a low score. Only count the point value if you answer “Yes” to the question. Each point value is one (1) unless otherwise noted, and each sub-question, marked by a lowercase letter, adds one (1) point. Also, bear in mind that answering “Yes” to several of these questions is expected and not the end of the world.

PJO-specific questions will have their own section at the end of the test.

Section One: The NameCollapse )

Section Two: Physical AttributesCollapse )

Section Three: Personal TraitsCollapse )

Section Four: RelationshipsCollapse )

Section Five: The Real World and Your CharacterCollapse )

Section Six: The PlotCollapse )

Section Seven: Percy Jackson-specific QuestionsCollapse )

10th-May-2008 01:40 am - Come Before the Council
D/R: Happy smiles JE

Introducing the Anaklusmos Awards' Come Before the Council service.

If, for any reason, a hero (or other site member) needs a favor or a prayer, you've come to the right place.

Whether you are a satyr, with the need for a more cloven audience, a demigod who would really just like to get out of this place alive, or a fanfiction writer or reader who just needs to ask a question which is not found in the FAQ, the link below may be of help.

So, if you need to speak to goat, god, or mod: please leave a message and a golden drachma at the tone.


Note: Special thanks is give to time_and_chips for the inspiration for the Council post. Their Page-A-Mod service has helped out mod bohemianneko on many occasions.
10th-May-2008 01:09 am - Fic Nomination Form
D/R: Happy smiles JE
Nomination Form

Your Name:

Your Email Address:

Your Livejournal (or other web presence):

Title of Fic:

Link to Fic:

Name of Author:

Email Address of Author (if available) or other contact info:

About the Fic

Please mark appropriate option with an X. Each underlined section is entirely optional (unless marked by an asterisk [*]) but at least one must be marked in order for the nomination to be valid.

Best Overall:

[] Best Overall


[] Best Songfic
[] Best Drabble
[] Best Short-fic
[] Best Work-in-Progress Chapter Fic
[] Best Completed Chapter Fic


[] Action/Adventure
[] Alternate Universe
[] Angst
[] Crossover
[] Drama
[] Humor
[] Parody
[] Heterosexual Romance
[] Slash/Yaoi/Yuri Romance
[] Friendship
[] Miscellaneous

Single Aspect:

[] Concept/Idea
[] Memorable Line
[] Original Character
[] Overall Characterization
[] Original Interpretation of Ancient/Mythical Concept
[] First-Person Narrative
[] Third-Person Narrative


The Anaklusmos Awards are currently using Fiction Ratings as defined by http://fictionratings.com If the website a fic is hosted on uses another ratings system please refer to the above link to determine which matches most closely. This is very important. [This has yet to be confirmed.]

[] K
[] K+
[] T
[] M
[] MA


[] Complete
[] Incomplete

Author has been notified of nomination:*

[] Yes
[] No

I [the nominator] have read and agree to the rules of the Anaklusmos Awards:*

[] Yes
[] No

Notes/Reason for Nomination:*

Please copy and paste the above information and comment with the form completed.
10th-May-2008 12:06 am - List of Categories and Explanations
D/R: Happy smiles JE
List of Categories and Explanations:

  • Best Overall: This is self-explanatory for the most part. The point of this category is that fics will be judged on everything (plot, writing style, mechanics, characterization, etc, etc.). Only the very best of fics should be nominated for this category as the judging for these nominees will be the most vigorous.

  • Best Songfic: Songfics are an extremely difficult thing to pull off. There are some authors who manage it, though, so this category is for them. The definition of a songfic which is being used in this case is a fanfiction which incorporates the lyrics of a song into the plot of a story in such a way that the two complement one another. If a songfic is nominated then the song itself must have appropriate disclaimers. Songfics which are hosted on fanfiction.net will be immediately disqualified as they are against fanfiction.net’s rules.

  • Best Drabble: This includes all fanfiction which is 75-500 words in length.

  • Best Short-fic: One-shots or ficlets.

  • Best Work-in-Progress Chapter Fic: Fanfiction which are multi-chaptered which are considered to be worthy of nomination are eligible in this category. These fanfiction are also eligible for all other categories (if applicable) except Best Overall, Best Drabble, and Best Short-fic, but it is also expected that these fics should be nominated in this category as well.

  • Best Completed Chapter Fic: Chapter fics which are completed fall under this category, however, chapter fics which are completed do not have to be nominated under this category in order to be eligible for nomination in any or all other categories. The specific reason a fic should be nominated under this category is that the reader who nominates the fic feels that the resolution of the chapter fic from the starting point of the fic was noteworthy.


  • Best Action/Adventure: Self-explanatory.
  • Best Alternate Universe: Alternate Universe fics are those which deny or change canon in any way.
  • Best Angst: Self-explanatory.
  • Best Crossover: Self-explanatory. As well as the usual disclaimer for the PJO series the fic must also contain a disclaimer for the material with which it is crossed.
  • Best Drama: Self-explanatory.
  • Best Humor: Self-explanatory. [Parodies should not be nominated here.]
  • Best Parody: Self-explanatory.
  • Best Heterosexual Romance: Best male/female romance. Romance does not have to be the main point of a fic’s plot in order to make a fic eligible in this category. In spite of the fact that the Anaklusmos Awards do not discriminate toward those of any walk of life, it is to the discretion of the judges about whether or not they find some material offensive.
  • Best Slash/Yaoi/Yuri Romance: Best male/male or female/female romance. See notes about romance fics in Best Heterosexual Romance genre explanation.
  • Best Friendship: Best portrayal of a non-romantic platonic relationship between two or more characters. Family relationships can also be placed into this category if necessary.
  • Best Miscellaneous Fic: This category is for the lonely but very awesome fic which does not fit under any of the above listed genre.

Single Aspect Recognition Categories:

  • Best Concept/Idea: Self-explanatory
  • Best/Most Memorable Line: Most memorable line of either narration or dialogue.
  • Best Original Character: OCs who not only lack Sue-ism or self-insertion-ism but who becomes a true character within the story with a real three-dimensional personality.
  • Best Overall Characterization: All characters remain in-character and have individual personalities.
  • Best Original Modern Interpretation of an Ancient/Mythical Concept
  • Best First-Person Narrative: This category describes a fic which makes good use of a first person narrative. This is the way the PJO series itself is written. This does not mean, however, that fics in this category must be written from Percy’s perspective.
  • Best Third-Person Narrative: This category is for fics which make good use of third-person narrative (i.e. instead of being written from the perspective of a specific character the story is told from the perspective of an omniscient, non-character voice using third person pronouns through except in dialogue).
9th-May-2008 11:55 pm - Nomination Requirements and Rules
D/R: Happy smiles JE
Nomination Requirements and Rules

  1. Fanfiction nominated must be written during the previous calendar year in order to ensure that the final results represent an entire years’ best. The first Anaklusmos Awards will be awarded in late 2008 or early 2009, but they will be for fanfiction written in 2007 or prior to 2007. The following years’ Anaklusmos Awards will represent the best of 2008 and so on. Any fanfiction which is a work in progress which was begun in 2007 is also eligible for this year’s nominations. If there are further questions about this please contact us.

  2. Works-in-progress are eligible for nomination but are not eligible for the Best Overall award unless they are completed well before the end of the judging process. A more specific time frame will be given at a later date.

  3. Fanfiction which is submitted is expected to show due respect for the English language. Grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes are understandable but they will affect the judging process.

  4. All nominations must state the point of adherence to the canon the nominee holds. This means that if a fanfiction is, for example, AU after Sea of Monsters it must be stated in the nomination. This is to make plot and character portrayal easier to judge as each of the books makes changes.

  5. Fanfiction which is nominated must be nominated in an appropriate category. For instance, a fanfiction cannot be nominated for Best Romance if there is no romantic plot or subplot.
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