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The Anaklusmos Awards
Change of Managment (sort of) 
22nd-Mar-2009 11:26 pm
D/R: Happy smiles JE
This community has not yet bolstered a huge following yet, but I still am going to maintain some hope for the future and not give up on it considering the amount of effort I put into setting it up. That said, this is an important announcment for any users who happen across this community with interest during a period of transition.

I, the founder of this community, bohemianneko have decided that since I let my paid account subscription run out that I am going to try on a new livejournal for size. This means that from this point forward, unless I decide to make the move back tot his account, that while I am not removing this account from the administration of this community that from now on the primary maintainer of this community shall be clockwork_sky.

This is just another screenname that I made, but it will appear that another person is posting. I promise that I am still the same person, etc, etc, and I apologize for any confusion this causes!
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