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The Anaklusmos Awards
List of Categories and Explanations 
10th-May-2008 12:06 am
D/R: Happy smiles JE
List of Categories and Explanations:

  • Best Overall: This is self-explanatory for the most part. The point of this category is that fics will be judged on everything (plot, writing style, mechanics, characterization, etc, etc.). Only the very best of fics should be nominated for this category as the judging for these nominees will be the most vigorous.

  • Best Songfic: Songfics are an extremely difficult thing to pull off. There are some authors who manage it, though, so this category is for them. The definition of a songfic which is being used in this case is a fanfiction which incorporates the lyrics of a song into the plot of a story in such a way that the two complement one another. If a songfic is nominated then the song itself must have appropriate disclaimers. Songfics which are hosted on fanfiction.net will be immediately disqualified as they are against fanfiction.net’s rules.

  • Best Drabble: This includes all fanfiction which is 75-500 words in length.

  • Best Short-fic: One-shots or ficlets.

  • Best Work-in-Progress Chapter Fic: Fanfiction which are multi-chaptered which are considered to be worthy of nomination are eligible in this category. These fanfiction are also eligible for all other categories (if applicable) except Best Overall, Best Drabble, and Best Short-fic, but it is also expected that these fics should be nominated in this category as well.

  • Best Completed Chapter Fic: Chapter fics which are completed fall under this category, however, chapter fics which are completed do not have to be nominated under this category in order to be eligible for nomination in any or all other categories. The specific reason a fic should be nominated under this category is that the reader who nominates the fic feels that the resolution of the chapter fic from the starting point of the fic was noteworthy.


  • Best Action/Adventure: Self-explanatory.
  • Best Alternate Universe: Alternate Universe fics are those which deny or change canon in any way.
  • Best Angst: Self-explanatory.
  • Best Crossover: Self-explanatory. As well as the usual disclaimer for the PJO series the fic must also contain a disclaimer for the material with which it is crossed.
  • Best Drama: Self-explanatory.
  • Best Humor: Self-explanatory. [Parodies should not be nominated here.]
  • Best Parody: Self-explanatory.
  • Best Heterosexual Romance: Best male/female romance. Romance does not have to be the main point of a fic’s plot in order to make a fic eligible in this category. In spite of the fact that the Anaklusmos Awards do not discriminate toward those of any walk of life, it is to the discretion of the judges about whether or not they find some material offensive.
  • Best Slash/Yaoi/Yuri Romance: Best male/male or female/female romance. See notes about romance fics in Best Heterosexual Romance genre explanation.
  • Best Friendship: Best portrayal of a non-romantic platonic relationship between two or more characters. Family relationships can also be placed into this category if necessary.
  • Best Miscellaneous Fic: This category is for the lonely but very awesome fic which does not fit under any of the above listed genre.

Single Aspect Recognition Categories:

  • Best Concept/Idea: Self-explanatory
  • Best/Most Memorable Line: Most memorable line of either narration or dialogue.
  • Best Original Character: OCs who not only lack Sue-ism or self-insertion-ism but who becomes a true character within the story with a real three-dimensional personality.
  • Best Overall Characterization: All characters remain in-character and have individual personalities.
  • Best Original Modern Interpretation of an Ancient/Mythical Concept
  • Best First-Person Narrative: This category describes a fic which makes good use of a first person narrative. This is the way the PJO series itself is written. This does not mean, however, that fics in this category must be written from Percy’s perspective.
  • Best Third-Person Narrative: This category is for fics which make good use of third-person narrative (i.e. instead of being written from the perspective of a specific character the story is told from the perspective of an omniscient, non-character voice using third person pronouns through except in dialogue).
12th-Nov-2008 07:39 pm (UTC) - Holy Hera...
Gah, so many! I haven't looked in the PJO Communiy so long it'll take some time... :)
13th-Nov-2008 01:55 am (UTC) - Re: Holy Hera...
Yes, but if you've got a handful of friends that could actually get this community doing anything but just taking up net space then I'd appreciate it!

Thanks for stopping by. ^-^
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